Jackie McTaggart : Concept

The idea for this work was born out of a lifelong fascination with patterns, particularly patterns of behaviour and relationship, grounded in 20 years of experience and observation working in the field of energetic medicine. It is through this work and my own experience of illness and loss that I have gained a deeper knowledge and familiarity with this archetypal pattern of our feeling lives. 

Using the pattern as my inspiration and with the help of all the artists involved in the project we are bringing to light a map of our sentient selves. I have come to see this map as our poetic anatomy. A blueprint where poetry meets logic, and precision meets the imagination. It is this pattern that has inspired the concept of Unturned Stones.  

Through Unturned Stones, I wanted to explore how best I could express something about the different ways we perceive and experience the world behind our eyes.

Understanding this template can encourage us to listen to our inner reality more openly.  It suggests that we have a natural source of direction and guidance that can help to align us with our own nature and create a possibility for greater ease in our lives. The intention is also to illustrate the common ground we share in this inner landscape and offer insight into that which connects us to the whole.

My passion ultimately lies in developing a new way of understanding health and disease using the knowledge and awareness of this map. It is a fresh approach that concentrates more on our sentient response rather than on our intellectual response.

My hope is that our sensory connection to this template will enable us to navigate our way towards a greater sense of peace in ourselves and our communities.

Unturned Stones Art Exhibition

Caroline Howitt : Artist

Without sketch book or camera, just a few key words on a sheet of paper to bear in mind, the simplicity of walking and absorbing all that was around me, became a way of working.

The walk, the raw material, informing the drawings which became walks from memory. Elements of the external filtered back through my own inner landscape.

All through the year, in every season, a walk each day. Colours and moods in the landscape subtly changing, from intense misty greens and rolling storm clouds, to burnt out landscapes through the summer months. Pines and a rare eagle in the high places and on special days, rare sightings of the deer that inhabit these parts.

This work is an invitation into the inner and outer landscapes of ourselves.


Angelika Sivyer : Poet

Writing haiku is for me a lesson in turning over stones.

It reminds me of being a child turning bricks over in the garden to discover the complexity of tiny and simple life.  

If I imagine lighting a match and I really look at what I am doing, it is for no other reason than to see the miracle of the flame. So small and yet the seed of all fire, a haiku is like the small flame and by seeing it, feeling it, a new train of awareness can be opened up. 

It is a gift to the writer and the reader alike.



Tracing Paths Live Performance Piece

Creative Directors: Jackie McTaggart, Grainne Gordon


Janet Wolstenholme

Janet is an accomplished musician, composer and producer.

Angela Cooper

Angela has explored her own life story through the alchemy of songwriting and performing.
Visit spiralsound.co.uk and acoopercelebrant.com to find out more.

Grainne Gordon

Grainne has been singing all her life.  She has a beautiful and captivating voice.

Wendy Scott-Kay

Wendy combines her love of dance with the joy of somatic movement.

Read more about the performance in the testimonials page.