Some responses to the exhibitions of image and haiku

“A beautiful collection of immensely captivating pictures.”

“Beautiful, subtle, expressive work. Lovely to see. It will stay with me for a long time to come.”

“The more you look, the more you see.”

“Great simplicity. Great complexity.”

“I was surprised to be so moved by the combination of the simplicity of the words and pictures, which with a few moments contemplation offered depths of complexity.”

Tracing paths

“Powerful and very, very moving.  Loved it – will come to see it again.”

“What a magical performance!  Emotional, deep, meaningful, tearful, intense, transfixing, beautiful, mesmerising.  Thank you so much for the experience.”

“No words.  Pain and joy.”

“Awesome, deep, profound, creative, musical.  Power to you all.”

“Very moving, bright-hearted and soulful, creative, inspirational, groundbreaking.  I found myself moved about death, bereavement, gratitude.  Thank you all.”

“This was mesmerising.  I felt I was taken on a journey and cleansed.  Absolutely stunning!  Thank you.”

“Wonderful and moving, I felt myself pulled and flowing along with the performance and was mesmerised.  Thank you for sharing this work.”

“For me, a truly groundbreaking performance in a collaboration which brought together so many different media and theoretical influences into a cohesive whole.”